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Recruitment Information

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Recruitment Announcement


Recruitment Method

  • we announce the employment and hire them publicly from time to time of theyearwhen there is a need or vacancy for new employees.
  • Job openings are posted on our website and on major job portal sites in Korea.

Recruitment process

  • Successful applicants and detailed progress schedules for each screening stage will be wired and individual contact information.

Application Receipt

JW Recruitment of talent

Document screening

Requirements for each field of recruitment
Conformity Evaluation

1st : Interview with the working group

Performance Capability / Knowledge evaluation

Humanity Test

Basic personality and aptitude test

2nd : Executive Interview

Character and Quality,
Organizational adaptation evaluation


Joining in JW

Apply method

  • Submit Document : Job Application Form, A letter of self-introduction, Final School Graduation Certificate, Transcript, Career description/ A certified Copy (Applicable Only)
  • Online Job Application : Once a job posting is posted, online support is received through the link.

Humanity Test Guide

  • Those who pass the first interview must undergo a personality test online before the second interview.
  • Only successful applicants for the 1st round of interviews will be emailed to you.

JW’s type of talent

  • he person JW is aiming for is an open mind, thought, and action person
  • A person who combines faith and execution based on faith and a person
    who challenges with dreams and passion.
  • A person who puts customers first and innovates.
  • A person who values teamwork and works creatively.
  • A person who develops skills and competes.

JW welfare system

1.welfare system

  • Support for children’s education Support for employee children’s tuition
  • Housing Support Fund : Provide housing assistance for multi-site
  • Special rewards and overseas training system
    for outstanding employees : Excellent employee award, patent award, exemplary employee award, long-term service Employee reward, etc.
  • Special performance-based payouts: The details of the benefits operation may vary in some ways depending on your company and business characteristics.


  • Sandwich Day Closed : Sandwich day off between holidays, Provide leisure activities and sufficient rest
  • 하계휴가 : Summer vacation:
    3 days paid vacation + 2 days unpaid vacation
    = A total of five days of summer vacation
  • 4 major insurances
    (retirement pension system implement)
  • Memorial monument support

recruitment inquiries

  • If you have any questions about hiring, please contact us via e-mail.
  • e-mail : info@jwent.co.kr
  • Contact Us : 02-3679-9336 (Personnel management)


  • Persons of national merit and eligible for veterans’ service are given
    preferential treatment in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • Only those who have no reason to be disqualified
    from traveling abroad as military or exemptions.
  • Only successful applicants during the process will be notified on the wire.
  • If the contents of your resume, such as your educational background
    and experience, are found to be false, you can cancel your acceptance.
  • Submission documents are used only for JW recruitment review and will not be returned.

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